Delta Regional Authority (DRA)

The West Alabama Regional Commission (WARC) serves as the Local Development District (LDD) for three Delta counties in Region 2--Greene, Hale and Pickens. WARC was designated the LDD for this area by the Delta Regional Authority (DRA). WARC receives administrative grant funds to address community, economic, health and workforce related issues in the region and operate as a local-level partner with DRA. These funds allow WARC to identify, develop and implement programs and activities that are intended to educate local stakeholders about the DRA and its programs.

  Delta member governments, educational institutions and other nonprofits apply to DRA for supplemental grants to fund projects that support the goals of the DRA. DRA goals are (1) to advance the productivity and economic competitiveness of the Delta workforce, (2) to strengthen the capacity of the people of the Delta to compete in the global economy, (3) to develop and improve the Delta's infrastructure to make the region economically competitive, and (4) to strengthen the Delta's physical and digital connections to the global economy.