Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC)

The West Alabama Regional Commission (WARC) serves as the Local Development District (LDD) for six Appalachian counties in Region 2--Bibb, Fayette, Hale, Lamar, Pickens and Tuscaloosa. WARC was designated the LDD for this area by the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) and prepares an annual proposal to ARC for administrative grant funds. These funds afford WARC the opportunity to develop and implement plans for community, economic, and human resource development which empower local leaders and foster and sustain economic development.

 Appalachian member governments, educational institutions and other nonprofits apply to ARC for supplemental grants to fund projects that support the goals of the ARC. ARC goals are (1) to increase job opportunities and per capita income in Appalachia to reach parity with the nation, (2) to strengthen the capacity of the people of Appalachia to compete in the global economy, (3) to develop and improve Appalachia's infrastructure to make the region economically competitive, and (4) to build the Appalachian Development Highway System to reduce Appalachia's isolation.